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Post  Astrolight on Thu Oct 06, 2011 8:00 am

1. You have to be online min 2 hours every day (you have to announce if you are inactive for more then 7 days)
2. You have to be present at the clan main events (Territory war/Siege/Epics) - you have to stop any other action immediately when CL calls the regroup
3. Missing from 2 announced clan main events without posting on forum/topic = dismiss
4. You have to use ventrilo at the clan main events (Territory war/Siege/Epics)
5. Swearing/drama/spam is not accepted on clan/ally chat/forum or ventrilo
6. NO PK in clan/ally, no matter what's the reason.
7. ENGLISH in clan chat! For other languages you may use ally chat.
8. It is a must to have one support subclass (bd,sws,cardinal,dc,se,wk,ee,ol,em)
9. Rule about fort: the member who signed to fort siege first, has the right to farm all ke there. If (s)he says he doesnt want some spot, you may go and farm it, but ONLY if (s)he doesnt want it! Farm without his/her permission can result in dismiss from clan. Killing ke chars of AMT member - dismiss from clan.
10. Drama makers will be dismissed.

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