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Post  Abyssal on Mon Dec 05, 2011 6:34 pm

Name IG & your name:Abyssal , Iliya
- Age:20
- Location:Koblenz
- Main class: class & lvl:DC 85
- Subclass: class & lvl:DA 75;BD 75;Tyr 41
- Gear:MA Set -gloves MW +3 other parts +6 almost full att ; AM +SA +att;TT set +3 all parts
- Ex. clans:AMT(i was in Mangetsu cp),Fort Knox,Sentinels,Rage
- Reason for leave:we moved on with the cp and then the cp got dismissed Very Happy
- Why do you want join us ?:cause i hope i will enjoy the stay
- Recommendation:Ellaida,Noyoshi,Ydo
- Ventrilo: do you have a microphone, can you use ventrilo?Yes ofc
- When did you start to play l2:i think 4 years ago
- How much do you play:2-3 hours can play more if i dont have to study or work
- Can u respect CL/PL orders, no matter if you think he/she is wrong ?:yep
- Do you have conflicts with any member from AMT?: y/n (if y, with who and what's your problem with our member?) no
- Did you read clan rules, do you agree with them? yes

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