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Post  miahi on Tue Oct 11, 2011 8:11 pm

- Name IG & your name: Mihai / In-game names are unknown on RPG, i have played as Blu/Dv8 on l2c x7(hero TH)
- Age: 21
- Location: Romania
- Main class: class & lvl: I am looking for a char to drive, i prefer SwS.
- Subclass: class & lvl: Any
- Gear: Easy, since high 5. Items will be piece of cake, and dynasty/vesper will be obtainable in a matter of days.
- Ex. clans: (On other servers) Illuminati / Antistress
- Reason for leave: I still play with them on other servers when they start playing again.
- Why do you want join us ?: Because there are nice players and it is a good clan, but mostly because i want to play lineage 2 ocasionaly, and it is very dull to play without nice clan-mates
- Recommendation: -
- Ventrilo: do you have a microphone, can you use ventrilo?: Yes, i have a microphone, and i have used Ventrilo/TS3 in the past in other clans, alot.
- When did you start to play l2: ~4-5 years ago, but with small pauses. I remember playing C2, C3 servers aswell as Interlude on dex, and so on, and i know new chronicles quite well too(High5, Freya).
- How much do you play: Depends alot. I can play 4-5-6 hours / day and even all day in weekend but there are also days when i can't even log in because i am busy with my life(gym, going out with friends/girlfriend,faculty studies, etc.)
- Can u respect CL/PL orders, no matter if you think he/she is wrong ?: I can respect, and i will, but i think my game experience might allow me sometimes to suggest better ideas/opinions. I'm not a "dramaqueen" though, and i prefer listening to others instead of trying to explain why my suggestion is better.
- Do you have conflicts with any member from AMT?: y/n (if y, with who and what's your problem with our member?): -
- Did you read clan rules, do you agree with them?: Yes

I am making this application mainly because i want to help. If you're in need of a support class in clan at clan events(raids, epics, tiat's, TW, siege, soon freya, instanced tezza, instanced zaken, etc.) i can help by playing a BD/SwS. I can also play any kind of dagger(been hero multiple times on GH and TH on l2c x7(H5), l2 renewal, and many other servers). I don't want to play cardinal/EE/SE because i have a pretty bad computer, and you need a very good one to play such a class. If you have any sws/bd 80+ and nobody is using it i would be glad to drive it. I won't change password/email etc.

Thanks for reading, see you.

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Support/Char casual gamer driver Empty Re: Support/Char casual gamer driver

Post  Astrolight on Tue Oct 11, 2011 11:02 pm

i dont think an occasional driver is what we need Sad

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